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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy


Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Policy

1. To define quality correctly:
-Quality is a way of life.
-It is a duty for all of us.
-It is our responsibility towards our guests.
2. To care for humans and human progress.
3. To do every job properly on the first try.

4. Producing in accordance with standards.

5. To build our sales policy on “Guest Satisfaction”, keeping in mind the idea that “We only exist if we have guests”.
6. To internalize the fact that quality communication is a must.
7. To constantly improve.
8. To be aware that every work we conduct means “development of Turkey” and “added value for the whole world”.
9. To be aware of the risks and find solutions for them.


OUR ISO 10002 Guest Satisfaction Policy

1. To make sure our guest are satisfied.

2. To ensure that all our employees are solution-oriented.

3. To keep records of all complaints, requests and credits and keep survey over them.

4. To be objective and guest-oriented.

5. To serve by legal obligations.

6. To be the fastest company in responding to complaints and problem solving.

7. To ensure constant enhancement of products and services.


Our ISO 22000 Food Safety Policy

1. To serve safe and quality food to our guests.

2. To prepare food by laws and rules of hygiene.

3. To ensure guest satisfaction by establishing control over all our processes.

4. To constantly improve.

5. To ensure food safety through control discipline.


Our ISO 50001 Energy Management Policy

1. To utilize energy and natural resources efficiently.

2. To take into consideration energy efficiency during the planning and providing of the products and the services.

3. To work by legal obligations.

4. To constantly enhance our awareness of energy efficiency and savings.

5. To increase the success of our company through enhancement of our energy efficiency.

6. To be aware that we are contributing to the sustainability of energy efficiency (preservation of nature).


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

1. To constantly improve all our processes.

2. To ensure the contribution of all levels of the organization.

3. To take preventive and regulatory steps.

4. To increase awareness of all employees.

5. To ensure all individuals are capable of protecting themselves.

6. To create a culture of occupational safety and to turn this culture into a life style.

7. To remove all the risks for a safe working environment.

8. To abide by the standards projected by legal legislations.


Özdilek, adopting principles of quality service, quality products and absolute guest satisfaction, and implementing the same without compromising on any of them, have certifications of ISO 22000 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and as the first in the industry ISO 10002 GUEST SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM."

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