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“Turkey deserves the best”

Hüseyin ÖZDİLEK CEO of Özdilek Holding



Özdilek, being introduced into the retail industry with Özdilek Bursa Mall in 1983, provides its services with 14 shopping malls (Afyonkarahisar, Antalya, Bolu, Bursa, Bursa Geçit, Bursa Nilüfer, Düzce, Eskişehir, İstanbul, İzmir, Kocaeli, Turgutlu, Uşak and Yalova), 6 Hypermarkets (Bursa Kaplıkaya, Bursa Ataevler, Gemlik, İnegöl, Bursa Özlüce and Gürsu), 82 home textile stores and 4 large department stores today. Also, today it is among the top 100 companies with the highest brand value in Turkey with its 8,500 employees in total. 

Özdilek Malls where domestic and foreign exclusive brand products are sold consist of: 

  • Store
  • Grocery
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Childcare Room
  • Children’s Entertainment Center

Shopping Malls offers a shopping concept where you can find any products you need or seek for, tens of thousands kinds of products are sold.  Özdilek brand maintains the emotional and sincere bond it established with its customers; within the framework of its quality which it never compromises, customer-oriented approach, constant improvement and honesty which it makes both its employees and customers feel. The fundamental philosophy of Özdilek is to ensure “Unconditioned Customer Satisfaction” anytime under any conditions. We establish all production and sales activities on customer satisfaction and act in line with the principle of “We are in if the customer is in”. 

Özdilek, address customers at all ages from 7 to 77, and offers them a different lifestyle through its shopping malls. It attaches great importance to customers satisfaction while providing services to its customers, and thus, it builds centers in the city centers and locations near to crossroads intercities in order to create an entertaining environment for its customers. 

Özdilek prefers a service concept where direct communication is predominantly important rather than “self service” at its many centers, and offers an environment which allows the customers to meet all of their needs at once and also with joy. 

Özdilek constantly works and listens to you in order to offer you always better goods and services to provide you a sincere and warm environment where you can spend joyful time with your family at its shopping malls.   


Özdilek, never compromising on the quality standards of its products, drew its logo with sharp edges in order to emphasize this feature, and colored it with black which symbolizes trust. Also, Özdilek emblem was designed with cornered edges which symbolizes industry in order to show that the products are its own manufacturing, and added letters of “ö” and “d” at the middle part. 

As of 1991, red color which symbolizes determination and sincerity was preferred in order to make the logo more apparent.  

Since 1994, the logo color has been orange as it is a dynamic and refreshing color and these concepts also recalls trust and sincerity, and it is still know in this way. 

In 2005, Özdilek emblem was formed into a circle with “ö” and “d” letters to emphasize we do not only manufacture our own products but also provide services in different industries, and to make the content gain an aesthetical innovation. 

In 2009, the logo started to be used without register. So that it could have a more modest appearance."

Özdilek Holding

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