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Performance and Career Management

Performance and Career Management

Efficiency of our performance evaluation system has great importance in terms of following up performances of our employees constantly and efficiently, measure performance of our employees efficiently, giving promotions systematically and based on performance.  

Performance of our personnel at certain positions is evaluated. Managers carry out and unbiased and objective evaluation when evaluating performance of the personnel they are responsible for. We carry out performance evaluations as integrated with the establishment reports, and thus importance of team performance is emphasized before our employees. We carry out evaluations on three stages as individual competences, individual goals and organizational goals.   

  • We see performance evaluation not only as completing the performance evaluation sheet, but a process instead.
  • We know that performance evaluation makes the personnel stronger, and increase their efficiency.
  • We mention the strong aspects first, then areas of importance when providing feedback on the performance of our personnel.
  • We speak realistic and objectively.
  • We determine their career plans in line with their performance and promote personnel demonstrating high performance. "
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